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Elite Kenpo Council - Kenpo at its Finest

It is with great pleasure and utmost respect that I address all Board members and Association members with the inception of The New International Kenpo Karate Academies Division.( The Elite Kenpo Council of the International Kenpo Karate Academies)It is a fact that Kenpo has been passed on to thousands upon thousands of wonderfully skilled artist ( Male and Female ) And I’m sure that many of you know that depending on the instructor that you were under, highly depends on how well the Kenpo knowledge was passed on.Were you just taught 150 techniques with extensions along with 11 katas or forms, did your instructor open up and give you the deeper knowledge of the art. The answer to this question for many has been ( NO ) The answer that I have heard many times over, was just learn how to move and leave the rest alone.Our past or living legends did not lay the ground work for it to be lost or forgotten. So then what are we leading up to. The Board Of Directors is putting together an Elite Council of Kenpo Experts and or Masters. However as with any division or Board there are requirements that must be met by each individual who applies.

1. The applicant must be at least a 3rd Degree Black Belt or higher.

2. The applicant must have a full knowledge of the system. Knowing all Principles, Concepts. Not just how to perform the Katas and techniques.

The Elite Kenpo Council is the Special Forces Division of the International Kenpo Karate Academies but as described above, it is not for everyone nor is everyone accepted into it. It is a division of the best within the International Kenpo Karate Academies with Global recognition.

It is for those who have made the personal choice of stepping out of the comfort zone and into an area where they stand out above the rest. Not in arrogance but in Kenpo Excellence. You as an Elite kenpo practitioner have what it takes to cause the Kenpo Flame to burn hotter and brighter.

" Throughout my years of training in the Arts, I have witnessed some of the most talented and skilled martial artist speak, teach and perform their art with great passion. I have watched them capture the attention of those looking on as though the students were hypnotized by what they observed, with the hope that one day they would have the talent to perform what they had witnessed.Many of the living legends, regardless of the style or system can still hold us in awe as to their knowledge and skill. Even into their 60s and 80s. Now what do they all have in common, they all held themselves to a higher standard from the very beginning. They chose to nurture their art and do their very best to go above and beyond to maintain mental sharpness as well as physical fitness.Being Elite is not about how many stripes or degree’s you display on your belt. It is not about how many Organizations we belong to, or how many certificates you have framed on your wall. Because all of it is temporary, in time it will become a memory. What will be remembered is the person who captured the groups attention for hours on end. It will be the person who left a precious gift with a curious student who may have almost given up.It will be the person who took time out of his day or seminar to pay special attention to someone who was very hungry for what was being taught. Being Elite is a decision for each individual person to make. And no one can make that decision for you. It is totally up to you. From how you live your life, to how you nurture your art, and how you communicate with other people."

Senior Master Paul Britton CEO 10th Black

  • CEO Senior Master Paul Britton 10th Black-00495
  • Vice President Senior Master Tim Bulot 10th Black -00527
  • President Professor Joe Whelan 6th Black -00496
  • Technical Advisor Master Patrick Salantri 8th Black -00497
  • Executive Vice President Senior Master Brian Antak 10th Black- 00545
  • Senior Instructor John Annunziata 4th Black-00500
  • Master Anthony Hockley 9th Black - Australia -00504
  • Senior Master Jorn Brandt 10th Black - Denmark -00506 ( Deceased )
  • Senior Master Jim Brassard 10th Black - 00494
  • Senior Master Rick Alemany 10th Black - 00499
  • Master Kai Li 9th Black - 00493
  • Senior Professor Lisa Marie Brandt 7th Black - Denmark - 00507
  • Senior Master Roland Gonzales 10th Black -00498 ( Deceased )
  • Professor Mickey Geer 6th Black -00509
  • Master Don Newbill 9th Black -00510
  • Master Jose Garay Mancilla 9th Black - Chile - 00492
  • Master Don Carr 8th Black - 00511
  • Senior Professor Joseph Freyre 7th Black - 00512
  • Senior Professor Stephen Salaka 7th Black- 00513
  • Professor Steve Day 6th Black - 00514
  • Professor Kevin Reppenhagen 7th Black - 00515
  • Professor Licesio Prieto Blanco 6th Black - Spain - 00517
  • Senior Professor John Landry 7th Black - 00519
  • Senior Professor David Howe 7th Black - 00520
  • Senior Professor Raymond Cagle 7th Black - 00522
  • Associate Professor Louis Balducci 5th Black - 00523
  • Senior Master Chris Lussier 10th Black - 00524
  • Professor Doug Schwinn 6th Black - 00525
  • Professor Ross Ferguson 6th Black - 00529
  • Professor Gary Findley 6th Black - 00531
  • Associate Professor Neil McGillivray 5th Black - Canada - 00536
  • Senior Professor James Mcgar 7th Black - 00538
  • Professor Lon Messick 6th Black - 00549
  • Associate Professor Chris Moreau 5th Black - 00551
  • Master Rudy Duncan 8th Black - 00544
  • Senior Professor Qwina West 7th Black - 00540
  • Professor Dean Goldade 6th Black - 00542
  • Head Instructor Alex Sepulveda 3rd Black - 00543
  • Associate Master Rick Collette 8th Black - 00555
  • Head Instructor Michelle Collette 3rd Black - 00556
  • Instructor Andre Feustel - 00557
  • Associate Professor Michael Valenti 5th Black -00558
  • Instructor Scott Chiriboga - 00559
  • Senior Professor Adam Jurczakowski 7th Black -00560
  • Master Edgardo Morales -00554
  • Associate Professor Aurelio Gaudes 5th Black- Spain - 00562
  • Professor Efraim Felix Marti - 6th Black - Spain - 00563
  • Master William Hall - 8th Black - 00564
  • Associate Professor Jerome Torres - 00565
  • Associate Master Kevin Napoleon -00566