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IKKA Kenpo Stick Certification



The Fighting Stick Art of Kenpo Karate, Distance Developement Course


Presented by Tim Bulot, the featured Kenpo star on "El Negocio, the Movie". Tim is a former Police Officer of 30 years who recently finished a 7 year tour working for the U.S. Govt's Anti-Terrorism program in several dangerous countries. Tim's experience brings a real world approach like no others to your Kenpo training.

The Adventures series was filmed over the course of 15 years, on locations both in the United States and foreign countries. This collection is the most comprehensive and complete series of American Kenpo videos ever produced and are available through the IKKA!


In this video Tim Bulot instructs how to adapt the sticks to existing concepts, theory and principles of the American Kenpo System. Each technique is thoroughly explained and demonstrated with high speed action, filmed on the streets, where you need the skill. This video will assist you in adapting the sticks to you art, Tim Bulot will show you how!


Study the techniques, send us your video, make the suggested corrections and receive recognition from the IKKA! It's that easy to enhance your Kenpo and gain certification for your efforts and dedication!


1 DVD, High Quality PLUS Beautiful IKKA Certification Diploma!




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l00ow_tM 05o


Segments of this video were filmed on the streets of Bogota Colombia!

Our DVDs are professionally produced with quality cameras, lighting and sound. They are not your typicall "homemade" low quality DVD all to often sold today. We personally inspect every disk before shipping. Should you receive a defect, contact us we send you another at our cost!



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