Green Room Martial Arts Green Room Martial Arts Full contact fight Chuck Klughart doing a full contact fight at one of the tournaments 154804314 Grandma Ninja wins again Our most senior member of the Dojo brings home a first place trophy. I hope I am still completing when I get to be in my mid 70's 154804415 Warming Up One of our newest Instructors L getting warmed up before class 154804416 Everyone body in the Gold Some of our adults at a tournament, they all brought honor ( and the gold) to the Dojo. 154804417 Award Winning One of our Senior Teachers and the person who developed "Chicks Kick Back" a special women's self defense course shows why she is a force to be considered. She brings home first place and grand champion awards every where she goes. 154804418 Women Self Defense Several higher belted members of our Womens program 154804419