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Hello Everyone,

While everyone knows about the standard forms (Short 1 - Short 3, and Long 1 - Long 7/8, 2 Man form ), I was wondering if anyone was familiar with some of the other "lost" forms out there:


Mass Attack

Tiger and Crane

Additional weapons forms: Kama, bo, tofana

I was recently out with some of the Paul Mills guys and they were dissusing the possibility of a hidden trove of additional weapons forms out there. One of the instructors in attendance gave a great demonstration on what he referred to as the Kama form, and another did a presentation with a bo and tofana. Also, some of the Tracy schools also study Logar Shin, Silum 6 and 40 beats.

I was wondering if there was any repository of these forms. While I've studied a majority of the forms (other than the weapons ones), I don't think that anyone is considered official, and was wondering if there was any official mention of them in the Parker literature.

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I agree with what the GM Planas replied on 7 and 8 and forms:

Kenpo is an armed system. Arms and weapons principles are different from the rules with bare hands. People who train in real systems with weapons gives a look at those forms and break out laughing. If you want to learn to use the weapons you must study the true weapons systems.

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I definately agree that the weapons forms need a bit of extrapolation.

The question still remains, while there is a centralized set of forms that is considered Ed Parker traidtional, there are a wealth of other forms which have come out in many of the other child styles. Some of these forms, the instructors claim, came from Parker through individual teaching (not laid out in any of the cannon). It would be interesting to compile these forms and try and trace their exact lineage.

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