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Paul Britton
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Dear IKKA Members.  I am in the process of writing a News Letter for our organization. One of the subject matters included will be the relationship between John Forbes Nash dicoveries relating to motion and The motion of Kenpo. For those of you who are unaware of who John Forbes Nash is. Whatch the movie ( A Beautiful Mind ) Then read the book.


A second subject matter will be ( Beyond the scope of technique ) Any member who wishes to submit ideas or present material for which they have written. Please submit them to either Master Whelan or Myself. It is also my desire and hope that everyone pleasured in a wonderful holiday season and brought in the new year with gladness of heart.


For many of us, Kenpo is not a past time, but a way of life and everything thing we do somehow relates to our Kenpo training. Stay strong, stay encouraged, stay motivated, stay Kenpo.


CEO Paul Britton

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Rob Broad
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If there is anything I can to do to be of assistance in this project please let me know.  We have a lot of members in this association, the more communication between school owners and members the better the assocaition can grow.


Having helped built KenpoTalk.com I have tons of resource materials that I will gladly share.


It would also be great of school owners would send in new about their students that are members of the association, things like tournament resilts, promotions.  People sending in news about their events would also be great for a news letter and for the forum


Quality outweighs quantity everytime

Rob Broad

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