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Recently I had hear about the passing of a Great Man, Friend and Teacher,

Lou Mikos.

Lou was a humble man who loved the Arts, who was dedicated to going beyond the norm he was a inspiration to all that knew him. He was a true Martial Artist in all senses of the words.

His training began in the mid 60's with Shaolin Gung Fu and progressed to many other styles including Kenpo, Chinese boxing and Wing Chun to name a few.

We had met in the mid 70's and remained friends until his untimely passing. even though we had lost touch prior to his departure, I will miss him forever..

Lou, Thank you for all you had done for me, MWK and all that you taught me,

you gave me the insight to go on, the strength to push myself beyond what I thought possible and the knowledge to look deep inside....

Someday I will hear you say "hey check this out" until then words can never describe the sadness I feel knowing your not here.



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